W całym Regionie Morza Bałtyckiego i poza nim decydenci, zamawiający, firmy cateringowe, MŚP i organizacje pozarządowe, konsultanci i badacze opracowują strategie na rzecz bardziej zrównoważonych usług gastronomicznych. Tutaj dzielimy się najlepszymi pomysłami, przeglądamy je tematycznie lub według prób. Zainspiruj się i dodaj własny przykład w języku angielskim!

Organic transformation of public kitchens under the Organic Action Plan 2020

DTU Food Institute


This is a Best Practice of a policy for having more organic food in public meals. It is an example of how the transformation in public kitchens to cook organic food can be implemented and also illustrates the importance of linking experiences from practice to policy levels.

Three public nurseries in Rybnik “Happy Fish”

Municipal nurseries in Rybnik - Happy fish nurseries


Despite the obstacles of an obsolete national food approach, Wesołe Rybki nurseries managed to introduce smart food policy and practices, food waste reduction, as well as hints on sustainable food educations.

Berlins canteen of the future

Berlins canteen of the future


Kantine Zukunft Berlin, funded by the Berlin Senate Administration for Justice, Consumer Protection and Anti-Discrimination, facilitates the sustainable transformation of Berlin's public communal gastronomy. Through active and long-term consultation in canteen kitchens, with seminars, workshops as well as networking events, and most importantly, in collaboration with canteen stakeholders, the project refines, or rather redefines, the urban canteen landscape towards more quality and appreciation.

Tender with sustainability criteria for the State Office canteen

State Office for Nature, Environment and Consumer Protection North Rhine-Westphalia


In 2018, representatives of the Environmental State Office of North Rhine-Westphalia created a new tender for the canteens for their employees in a participative process. The result is a tender that includes a suitable list of sustainability criteria. For two canteens of the agency, the tender was the basis for procuring new catering services.