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School on a Fork Foundation is a non-governmental organization that promote healthy diet with passion among children, parents, teachers, and kitchen staff in schools and preschools.

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Member name: School on a Fork Foundation (Fundacja Szkoła na Widelcu)
Type of actor: NGO
Maa: Puola
Contact: +48 662 295 135

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Original Situation

It is considered very important providing consistent, accurate and accessible information and teaching / instruction from the earliest age possible about food, food products and healthy lifestyle. Including both cooking skills and healthy lifestyle knowledge in the national curriculum is a way to move forward and be able to change the food habits and perception of what is desirable good and healthy.



  • Culinary education programmes
  • Culinary workshops for children and teenagers in schools and preschools
  • Open-air culinary workshops
  • Trainings for school canteen staff
  • Dietetic consultancy in the area of children and teenagers' nutrition in educational institutions
  • Healthy lifestyle lectures
  • Projects promoting healthy food in educational institutions

What was outstanding?

  1. „Eating well with School on Fork”- #dobrzejemy - Educational Program about good food and nutrition. Learning kit with workshops proposal, educational materials, videos, worksheets, delivered to more than 2000 schools in Poland yearly. Teachers use educational materials to teach children 6-9 years old how to eat healthy.
  2. Chefs for children - a big charity picnic during which we collect money for gastronomic equipment for school canteens. Restaurateurs, well-known chefs, culinary bloggers and lovers of good cuisine - they all join forces for children to eat better.
  3. The good food guide - a beautifully illustrated educational book where you can find basic knowledge about nutrition, information on how to shop wisely, or how to provide culinary education in schools, as well as recipes for school canteens.
  4. We work out! - a project that promotes not only healthy diet, but also physical activity addressed to pupils aged 13-16; workout and a culinary workshop introducing the idea of post workout diet to teenagers.
  5. Mission Canteen - educational programme broadcast on Polsat Cafe channel that shows the condition of mass catering in school canteens in Poland. The aim of the programme is to improve the quality of catering in educational institutions, analyse the mass catering system, diagnose the difficulties and try to solve them. The episodes were made in 10 preschools and schools across the country.
  6. Naturally we cook - in this project we carried out culinary workshops for primary school children, teenagers from cookery schools and school canteen cooks. The aim of the project was to familiarize the participants with the seasonal nature of vegetables and fruit and the rules of a well-balanced diet.
  7. Food Revolution Day - celebration of real, nutritious, fresh and delicious food; a culinary workshop for 50 children held by well-known chefs and bloggers.
  8. Unusual culinary and educational event for school – FOODMAGEDON and regular culinary workshops for children (every Saturday) in the biggest shopping centre in Poland – Arkadia.

Catering Service Type: Schools and Kindergartens
Started/Starts at: 2012

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